Social Media Use In Ireland

Social Media Usage in Ireland

stats, links to source data Ipsos.mrbi/CSO

According to Ireland has 4.45 million internet users in 2019 which equates to 92% of the population. They also suggest that 66% of the population are active on social media.

Social Media usage has grown rapidly in recent years and is continuing to do so and is considered one of the most important platforms when trying to improve businesses. In terms of account ownership Facebook is the most popular at 66%, Instagram has increased to 39% and has the largest growth rate out of any of the social media networks. While Twitter and LinkedIn increased to a respectful 33%

In my opinion, from a perspective of the younger generation Instagram and Snapchat are the most used applications. There is 1,736,000 Instagram users in Ireland which is 37.5% of the popoulation. The majority of the users are female at 58.5%

Snapchat also being a popular social media network, having over 1,215,000 users of this app varying from different age groups. From my research the most popular age group in 2019 are 18-20 year olds.

Why People Use Social Media

Whiting and Williams (2012, p 362) writing about social media use suggest that “the ten uses and gratifications are; social interaction, information seeking pass time, entertainment, relaxation, communicatory, utility, convenience utility, expression of opinion, information sharing and surveillance/knowledge about others”

The main reasons people use social media is to stay in contact with friends and family, (42%) also connecting with friends worldwide. Aswell as keeping up to date with news and trends around the world. (41%)

People also use social media to search and buy new products, you can now purchase products from networks such as Instagram and Depop which are beginning to become popular in 2019 . (29%)

According to statistics, most social media users are part of these applications to fill up spare time and to be entertained by other peoples content while sharing their own information and photos. (35%)

Tribal Groups

Tribal groups are very common on social media, there are hundreds available online. These are seen as a positive thing on networks as these help people with any day to day problems.


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