Instagram Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

This is a form of social media marketing, involving the promotion of products and services using endorsements, product placements from influencers and organisations who posess expert knowledge and support the product.

According to Moon et al (2016, p.22 ) Instagram is a “rising photo-sharing social networking site” where people like other people’s photos and also try build their followers.

What is an influencer?

A Influencer is someone who is seen in the eye of the public on social media, having the ability to influence potential buyers of a product by promoting or recommending it on their social medias. Influencers can show their followers content on their hobbies, makeup, gym, fashion and their lifestyle tastes and preferences.

Why do brands work with Influencers?

Brands collaborate with Influencers as their aim is to target their specific audience with their product and believe that influencers who have a big following of that market (young teenagers, mothers etc) would help their product to be recognised on a wider scale.

Influencers are seen as important as they have the control to influence what their followers buy, what is in trend and what is popular. If the influencer is seen promoting the latest winter coat from penneys, their followers will want to buy the same coat, or promoting a new self-tan.

Instagram can be used in a number of ways by Influencers, influencers can partner up with famous brands and collaborate with them in paid partnership deals, in return to promote the brand and be sent PR packages with the latest updates. Eg- Daniel Wellington, Regatta and Sosu by Suzanne Jackson.

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My Favourite Influencer

I admire many influencers on Instagram, but i have decided to write about the Irish Influencer Bla Murphy because I feel like she shows a realistic side on her profile and always engages with her followers. I love her sense of style and feel like she inspires me when I look at her refreshing content to always work hard. She has built a positive image of herself and is successful from being a makeup artist and Co Owner of Biabellebeauty.

Bla Murphy alongside her sister Aoibh Murphy.


Youtube Bumper Ads Explained + 3 Great Examples

What are Bumper Ads?

A Bumper Advertisment is a short, quick video that allows you reach more customers and create more awareness of the brand you are advertising.

It is a six second video before the viewer watches their desired video on Youtube, it aims to catch their attention by a quick effective video and hoping they remember it or have interest in it.

Bumper ads are played automatically before a youtube video in order to create a short memorable video promoting or launching a product or brand, creating awareness for this particular item. They have 6 short seconds to tell a story and ideally must not be overflowing with information as the viewer will lose interest. Must be simple yet intriguing.

Bumper ads are a clever way of making the viewer watch the short video as they cannot skip passed it, even if they do not pay attention to what is being played, an effective bumper ad with good imagery and use of words and sounds could possibly stick in their mind. A good way to promote bumper ads is to get across the main reason why you are selling your product or brand, put in the key information within the quick 6 seconds you are showing the video for

Examples of great bumper ads

The first Bumper ad that i like is the Coca Cola advert. It briefly shows the range of what Coca Cola has to offer. This brand is recognized worldwide. They are advertising the Diet coke range. They show 3 bottles, the first thing that identifies to me that is it diet over the grey packaging which it is known for. I am now informed in the short video that they are offering different flavours of Coca Cola, which are “Fiesty Cherry” and “Exotic Mango” and also their original bottle placed in the middle. Also coming to my attention is that the Diet version has no sugar and no calories. Since i am a consumer of the beverage, i will certainly be tasting their new flavours.

The Second advert which i find appealing would be the Mercedes-Benz. This is an astonishing 4 seconds. We are quickly shown the new sleek yellow and black version of their latest addition to their collection. This is a very effective bumper advert as they are highlighting how fast their car is, to how quick the bumper ad is being shown. Which gives us the impression that the car is fast, in good quality as it is a luxerious car company brand, and up to the standards expected of Mercedes-Benz.

The last bumper advert which i like would be KFC which stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken, in this particular one they are promoting their chicken wing bucket as it would be perfect for mothers day, an ideal takeaway and night in! They also have a catchphrase which appears in every advert they show which is “finger licking good” this stands out to me as i watch this bumper ad. Also a cartoon of a man with dark glasses is the recognized and associated with KFC. His name is Colonel Harland David Sanders he founded it in 1980.

Social Media Use In Ireland

Social Media Usage in Ireland

stats, links to source data Ipsos.mrbi/CSO

According to Ireland has 4.45 million internet users in 2019 which equates to 92% of the population. They also suggest that 66% of the population are active on social media.

Social Media usage has grown rapidly in recent years and is continuing to do so and is considered one of the most important platforms when trying to improve businesses. In terms of account ownership Facebook is the most popular at 66%, Instagram has increased to 39% and has the largest growth rate out of any of the social media networks. While Twitter and LinkedIn increased to a respectful 33%

In my opinion, from a perspective of the younger generation Instagram and Snapchat are the most used applications. There is 1,736,000 Instagram users in Ireland which is 37.5% of the popoulation. The majority of the users are female at 58.5%

Snapchat also being a popular social media network, having over 1,215,000 users of this app varying from different age groups. From my research the most popular age group in 2019 are 18-20 year olds.

Why People Use Social Media

Whiting and Williams (2012, p 362) writing about social media use suggest that “the ten uses and gratifications are; social interaction, information seeking pass time, entertainment, relaxation, communicatory, utility, convenience utility, expression of opinion, information sharing and surveillance/knowledge about others”

The main reasons people use social media is to stay in contact with friends and family, (42%) also connecting with friends worldwide. Aswell as keeping up to date with news and trends around the world. (41%)

People also use social media to search and buy new products, you can now purchase products from networks such as Instagram and Depop which are beginning to become popular in 2019 . (29%)

According to statistics, most social media users are part of these applications to fill up spare time and to be entertained by other peoples content while sharing their own information and photos. (35%)

Tribal Groups

Tribal groups are very common on social media, there are hundreds available online. These are seen as a positive thing on networks as these help people with any day to day problems.


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